About Cognize Consulting:

At Cognize, we are bridge builders, truth tellers, and advocates for empathy. We help leaders understand how to effectively reach, engage, and connect with their employees, and more importantly, how to stop disengaging them. A paycheck is no longer sufficient to inspire and engage employees. Employee experience is the currency of the new millennium workplace. Is the experience you create for your employees enough to attract, retain, and engage the best people in today’s highly competitive and volatile talent market? Or are you sending them to your competitors?

Cognize helps leaders craft an attractive employee experience by giving them guidance to see, understand, and engage the people who drive their organization’s success.

About Jonathan Villaire, Founder and Principal Consultant:


Jonathan spent ten years working in the financial services industry as a front-line employee. Although many leadership gurus are too far removed from the experience of actually being an employee, Jonathan can tell you what today’s workforce needs and expects from its leaders. He has been party to the hushed, secretive chatter that employees only exchange when there are no managers in sight. He has been a trusted confidante to unhappy employees who would not dare repeat to their bosses or to HR what they have told him about their experiences. He has been on the receiving end of terrible leadership that neither inspired him nor captured his interest to be an engaged partner in his employer’s success. In short, he can tell you what is truly disengaging your employees because he has been there.

During his time spent working for large corporations, Jonathan witnessed countless examples of disengaging leadership. He was exposed to the poor decisions, harsh words, and destructive behaviors of bad managers. Unfortunately, disengaging leadership is prevalent across today’s business landscape. Jonathan founded Cognize with the aim of teaching leaders the language of employee empathy and coaching them in fostering employee relationships that yield success for everyone.

Jonathan holds a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is also certified as a Professional Coach (CPC) through the Center for Coaching Certification. He has published articles on critical employee engagement topics and is featured as an expert in thought leadership content about engaging millennials.