More than 80 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged in their jobs. That means the majority of workers are not inspired to do any more than the bare minimum, to act as brand ambassadors, or to commit to their employers’ long-term success. With the modern workplace in such a dire state, business leaders are understandably desperate for solutions to unlocking the potential of their talent. They try to incentivize engagement without considering the factors at play that could be causing disengagement within their organizations. At Cognize, we illuminate those blind spots by presenting the hard truths about what cultural, behavioral, and structural changes you must make. We help you view your employees through a humanistic lens, not as human capital or means of generating ideas, products, or profits. When leaders See employees as human beings, they can then Understand their needs and Engage them with a truly inspirational work experience. Contact us to learn how.



Work with Cognize founder, Jonathan Villaire, to uncover the decisions, behaviors, and interactions that are disengaging your employees with one-on-one or team coaching sessions. He will help you achieve your organizational goals by jointly exploring each aspect of your leadership persona as it relates to creating positive, engaging relationships and experiences with your team. Jonathan is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and is committed to the highest coaching standards based on the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.



If you struggle to generate and communicate insightful employee experience ideas for your blog or publication, Cognize can lend its thought leadership to help you engage and grow your audience. We will craft provocative and relevant content that makes a lasting impact. 



Listen and gain critical employee experience insights as Jonathan Villaire talks about the various, often unintentional ways leaders disengage and demotivate their employees based on his time spent working as a front-line employee in the financial services industry. Cognize can provide a custom program to suit your event, or give our keynote speech about the dangers of subscribing to The Stepford Employee Fallacy.