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Employee engagement has become the hot topic in business circles over the past several years. Although many leaders have a basic understanding of what it is and how it affects business outcomes, they rely on a set of faulty assumptions about how to create an engaged workforce. These assumptions—mostly carry overs from an old-school management mindset—distort the true meaning of employee engagement.

The Stepford Employee Fallacy tells leaders what they need to hear and what employees are too afraid to say: the truth. Employers cannot mistreat their employees and expect them to be happy, committed, high-performing corporate robots. 

This book dismantles the contemporary understanding of employee engagement by debunking the beliefs of business leaders who have unrealistic expectations for their workers. Using anecdotes from his consulting practice, third-party research, brain science, current events, and his own personal observations from the front lines, Jonathan D. Villaire explains why the majority of employees today are disengaged in their jobs. He then offers some radical solutions to make all organizations more engaging places to work. 

Employee engagement is often referred to as a win-win situation for workers and their employers. It is, but only if leaders let go of the falsehood that has become an unspoken managerial tenet of the modern workplace: The Stepford Employee Fallacy.



“The most important treatise on employee engagement in the last twenty years. It should be required reading at every SHRM Conference because it shatters hidebound HR tenets by illuminating the employees’ point of view of traditional employee engagement. Corporate America still has a crisis of stagnant productivity, poor retention, and costly talent acquisition. Jonathan’s insights in The Stepford Employee Fallacy are big steps toward fixing these problems.”
— CJ Follini, Creator, OAHU enterprise employee engagement software and Host, NGage podcast
"The Stepford Employee Fallacy ushers readers through a spectrum of employee viewpoints ranging from highly engaged individuals fortunate enough to work for organizations prioritizing and valuing their people, down to tragically disengaged workers enduring fear and control-driven corporate cultures. Examples, strategies, and a dash of wit and charm illustrate the ways in which today's employer can cultivate motivated and passionate employees thereby driving productivity and, in turn, revenue. An engaging read, one I highly recommend to any organization sincerely interested in maximizing its greatest investment: its people."
– Gregory Wilson, Founder & CEO of customer and employee engagement platform, aSuggestion
"With the Stepford Employee Fallacy, Jonathan Villaire deftly tackles the concept of employee engagement with a gutsy and compelling new perspective. He takes a hacksaw to the premise that employees choose their own level of engagement and explains why it just doesn't work that way. Leaders, get ready for some truth."
– Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx, New York Times bestselling author of Employee Engagement 2.0
"Organizations worldwide are facing an employee engagement crisis. In The Stepford Employee Fallacy, Jonathan Villaire boldly pulls back the curtain, revealing the true causes of disengagement in the workplace and providing leaders with powerful tools and insights to better engage their talent."
– Paul Marciano, PhD, author of Carrots and Sticks Don't Work
"You are brilliant and this book is spot on."
– Gisele Montcure, Senior Director of People, Culture & Diversity at Sony PlayStation
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